Posted: Apr 26, 2024

Senior Director Research

Bay Ed Fund - San Francisco, CA
Application Deadline: N/A

Opportunity & Responsibilities

As an entrepreneurial action-researcher at heart with a grasp of education issues and school system change, you’ll use your experience across mixed-methods education research, the building of education data systems, and evaluation in educational settings to realize transformational change with our partner communities. You’ll offer your experiences and lessons learned from a deep understanding of the research in school system transformation and improvement, guiding the Bay Ed Fund team in its support of partner school district communities. Additionally, you will model our values, showing up daily as a humble leader, equity champion, and disruptor of historically dysfunctional power dynamics.

In this pivotal role, you will have four primary responsibilities that will shape the lives of thousands of students:

1) Lead the co-design and implementation of a field-leading data system for monitoring progress toward school system transformation focused on the Bay Ed Fund partner communities.

You will collaborate with Bay Ed Fund staff members, external consultants, research partners, and school district staff to lead the development and execution of a data dashboard that provides critical information about each partner community’s progress on key indicators. The Bay Ed Fund team believes that a key component of its ability to support partner school districts in sparking and sustaining long-term system transformation for students requires driving and adapting with data. T

2) Found and develop the Bay Ed Fund’s research capacities, which include working with external research and consulting partners and developing in-house capacity to execute evaluation and action research

You will roll up your sleeves to create the Bay Ed Fund’s in-house research capacities by identifying and procuring research systems and tools to support its progress monitoring and evaluation efforts.

3) Engage Bay Ed Fund team members and partner school system leaders to build buy-in on the Bay Ed Fund’s data-driven approach to school system transformation. 

Developing a multi-year approach for building buy-in and using data generated in the data dashboard/system.

Engaging in iterative cycles of feedback with Bay Ed Fund staff, community members, district and school-level leaders on key elements of the data dashboard/system that is accessible to all stakeholders

Incorporating feedback in redesigns and sharing of data dashboard/system insights.

4) Support the building of a high-performing and durable organization

In addition to your external-facing responsibilities, you will also have the opportunity to shape our organization. Our success depends on building a high-performing team that is passionate, driven, and dedicated to our mission. With your leadership, we will create an organization that is not only effective and impactful but also resilient and enduring. Your strategic leadership and ability to foster a positive and inclusive culture will be critical in building a durable organization that can sustainably drive educational transformation for years to come.


We recognize that qualifications extend beyond a checklist, and we encourage candidates who believe they could be a good fit to apply, even if they do not meet every qualification. We value diversity, inclusivity, and belonging, and we invite all to join us in driving transformative change in education.

  1. Extensive, Diverse Set of Research Experiences: With over seven years of professional experience, you have a proven track record of success in leading mixed-method research, developing of actionable evaluation systems, and working with education practitioners to ensure research is grounded in their practice as well as used to improve educational practice. You have experience in working with education system leaders – district leaders, principals, teachers, nonprofit staff, and philanthropy – on the effective use of data to inform educational improvement. Because of its research focus, this position requires graduate-level credentials. A Master’s in Education, Public Policy, Data Science, or other relevant fields is required. Experience in applied research (qualitative, quantitative, evaluation), advocacy and/or community engagement, nonprofit programming, and data system building make you well-prepared for this experience. 
  2. Exceptional Leadership of Data Systems Building, Evaluation, and Mixed-Methods Research: You have the core skills needed to lead the development of data systems using both quantitative and qualitative approaches focused on measuring school and district success. You have the skills to lead and interpret school quality measures. You have experience overseeing and executing evaluations in educational settings, including quantitative and qualitative approaches.
  3. Insightful Analytical & Verbal & Written Communication Skills: Your excellent analytical skills and your creative problem-solving abilities enable you to tackle challenges with innovative solutions. Your verbal and written communication skills effectively convey complex ideas simply and compellingly to diverse audiences. You have a track record of externally published reports on key issues related to educational equity, school system improvement, and school quality. 
  4. Efficient Project Management: You have experience managing complex projects with several team members and have a variety of roles and competencies. You manage tasks across team members well. You anticipate risks to the effective execution of projects and seek to mitigate those risks. You identify the right tools and effectively match talent to project needs. 
  5. Strong Interpersonal Skills: Your interpersonal skills are well-rounded, enabling you to build strong relationships with a wide range of stakeholders, from elected officials and district leaders to students and families. You effortlessly collaborate with stakeholders from diverse backgrounds and skillfully facilitate joint problem-solving with partner organizations, communities, and districts.
  6. Orientation to Action & Impact: You have a demonstrated ability to translate ideas and recommendations into action. Your well-developed influence skills allow you to facilitate change, build capacity, and achieve desired outcomes through collaboration.
  7. Self-motivated and Entrepreneurial: You possess a highly self-motivated work style and eagerly embrace leadership roles within our organization. Your proactive nature and initiative are catalysts for progress and growth- within our organization and partner communities.
  8. (Preferred but not required) Experience Living in and/or Working in San Mateo, Santa Clara, or San Francisco Counties: You have built positive relationships and reputation that you can bring to bear in our partnership work. 
  9. (Preferred but not required) Adept at communicating in Spanish: You are able to engage a diverse range of community members, including many who are Spanish-speaking.


Additional Details & How to Apply

This role has a salary range of $150K-$175K based on experience. Bay Ed Fund offers a generous benefits package, including holiday and vacation time; health, vision, and dental insurance; and 401K matching.

Please submit your application using this form and direct any questions to [email protected]